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Thank you for viewing my photos.  Look forward to many more...

Walk with me to a wonderful old town...

Encino's Post Office.

A closed Cafe.

Some houses and maybe a car in a field.

An old CB Radio shop.

Coin-op Laundry Facilities.

An empty house.

Encino Hotel Menagement.

Another view of the Encino Hotel.

A broken down house.

The Coin-Op Laundry Welcome Sign.

First Methodist Church
(I believe 'em!)

A Glimpse into the Encino Hotel.

A house in a field with a telephone pole.

A house for sale...lakeside.

A lonely house.

Some houses in a field.

Keep out!
It's for Sale!!!

That darned coin-op laundry house again.

Los Pena's Groceries

Los Pena's

Open Range
Looking Left

Open Range
Looking Right

A broken down house in the middle of a field.

Tom Montoya's

Oh Crap,
The End


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